7 Most clever life hacks I have learned

Life hacks
  • Don’t buy the latest model in the market. Whether a phone or a computer wait for a couple of months go back to the store and you’ll buy the gadget for a fraction.
  • In a new job, don’t immediately begin pointing out mistakes and what needs to be changed. Keep your cool, compliment what’s working and learn the characters and ranks so you know who to share your ideas with and predict their reaction.
  • Ask for a 10% discount in a fixed price store. It’s hard and will surprise the attendant but will make you feel more confident.
  • Be the first to clap immediately after your boss or colleague makes a keynote speech or presentation. They will love you for it. Everyone craves acceptance by the audience during public speaking, there’s always an underlying fear of rejection.
  • When giving advice to a teenager, use yourself as an example of how you made wrong choice, the consequences you had to deal with and why you wouldn’t like him/her to fall into the same fault.
  • If you wanted to ask for business from a prominent person and happen to meet him at supermarket/gym/elevator, don’t bring up the issue. Keep the talk social and simple, they’ll reward you for it.
  • Never speak about other people’s bad faults to another. The listener will unconsciously attribute those negative qualities to you.


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