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This is the next big thing in real estate

Reports indicate that the best days for residential, retail and office segments might be behind us; for developers that is. What with analysts touting oversupply and prices that have stagnated? One segment, however, has received less attention than the rest…

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What makes a business great?

A great business is made when an entrepreneur forms a clear picture of what he wants the business to look like right from the start of the business. He then works to develop the business towards achieving this picture. This…

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Is your business a 'business' or a 'job'?

People turn their businesses into places where they go to work or put it better still, their jobs. This is not entrepreneurship. Having skills to perform a task is different from having a business that performs the task. The role…

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Protecting School Land #OccupyPlayGround

The Lang’ata Road Primary land dispute with a private developer is an eye opener. It unfortunate that a crisis has to occur to wake up our senses of pro-activeness. We must agree that private developers are not going anywhere and…

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Are you defined by your business card?

Have you disposed yourself as Mr. or Ms. “X” but deep down your heart, you know that you are Mr. or Ms. “Y”? ….living a conflicted life? Very proud of your business card titles because you are in middle level…

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