How to Conquer the Fear of #Failure

Most of us have hidden fears than we would care to admit.

Fear of failure

Fear of being exposed

Fear of venturing into the unknown

Fear of rejection

Fear of job loss

Fear of business failure

Fear of a failed mortgage

…and such like. Unknowingly, we suffer from lack of or low self confidence. We don’t feel adequate enough. We don’t feel good enough. We don’t feel credence enough.

We live believing we are not like so and so. We are not as equipped…we are not as gifted…we are not as good as…we are not as lucky as someone else.

Unconsciously, we silently suffer from low self esteem and a poor self image but we find it hard to own up and ask for help.

Yet many of us cannot change jobs without seeking approval from others. We can’t start a business without the approval of someone else. We can’t step out without someone else’s affirmation.

At times, we get violent as a cover up.
At times we retreat to ourselves and withdraw from the public limelight.
At times we become very critical at those who dare great ventures.
At times we resort to drunkardness to escape our realities.
At times we lose tempers at the least provocation.
At times we are angry with everyone.

Bitter even with God. Bitter with life. We easily pick a quarrel for no apparent reason…not knowing the real issue is on our inside…

then, we blame everyone else for our mishaps and misfortunes.

Seems like life hasn’t been very favourable to you.
Seems like others are more lucky. Seems like years have really passed with little to show for lots of sweat and effort.

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Seems like life hasn’t been kind to us…life hasn’t paid us for what we rightfully deserve…life has been harsh from every angle, financially as well as relational, to say the least.

A sense of desperation resides within us. A ray of hopelessness sweeps across our faces. Seems like doors of opportunities just close on us as others enjoy their cool walk in the park.

Seems like there’s a past haunting you. Seems like the ghosts of failure conspire against you. While you broadly smile on the outside, you are wallowing in pains on the inside. Seems like your nakedness is now bare for all to see.

But so far, you’ve managed to front a strong face…to project a brave face as though you truly are in control…but in essence, things are falling apart. You can’t hold it any longer.

You can’t hide under the mask of despair any more. You can’t keep holding on weak leaves that are being carried away by the storms. Pretense hasn’t paid off either.

Too much is at stake now because you’ve been the hero of everyone around you. You’ve hidden behind your corporate name card. Hidden behind your education level.

Hiding in a crowd. Seeking warmth from some social groupings but no evidence of progress.

You are just about to wave the white flag of surrender.

Don’t give up. I’ve got a fresh message for you from On-High. A message that will catapult your self image to a whole new level. A message that will boost your self confidence to unprecedented heights in your living memory.

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A message that will elevate every sphere in your life to places you’ve never known before.

If you know me at all, I bet you know by now that I don’t speak for attention by any stretch of the imagination. I speak with intention. I don’t make empty promises. I’ve a crystal clear divine mandate for such a time as this for this restless generation.

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Thank you,
Dr. Kinyanjui Nganga
Chief Mentor – Sense 101 Life Club

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