How to Push People Away Without Speaking a Word

Did you know that 90% of face to face communication is wordless? A person can easily perceive your indifference, interest or lack of it, intentions, attention etcetera long before your verbal expression. Here are ways to push people off without ‘saying’ it.

Crushing Handshake

Some people will leave you with sore hand after a simple handshake, they will cramp and squeeze your hand mercilessly in the name of shaking hands, you can visibly see the painful expression on the recipient’s face. Others are left bleeding especially those with rings on. Crushing Handshakes are a sure way to push people away from you. It shows you as a dominating, bully and insensitive person.

Dead Fish Handshake

Giving a extremely week handshake is a equally disappointing. It feels like you are holding a cooked spaghetti or a wet towel. Giving a feeble handshake says you are weak, timid, easily swayed and not very confident.

Hit-n-run Handshake

Have you stretched your arm in readiness to give a warm handshake only to feel a touch flashing by, and it’s over? It’s so quick your hands barely touched. This type of handshake says you are untrusting and insecure. Nobody wants to spend time to a person who doesn’t trust them.


Playing with your phone when someone is talking with you is such a put off. It communicates disinterest and even disrespect to the other person.

Hands in the Pocket

Many times you may find yourself addressing a group of people and suddenly you beginning to notice your hands and wondering what to do with them, I admit it feels awkward. The temptation is to tuck them away in your pockets but this will make you a loser. Your audience will perceive you as rigid and cold.

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Touching Your Face

When you feel a bit nervous in a conversation you suddenly begin to feel false itching or discomfort and you want to touch your nose or squeeze a pimple even scratch your bead. People avoid who lack self confidence and that’s exactly what you are communicating especially in interviews.

Hesitation when Answering

Lying is hard work for the brain. It takes much time and energy for your brain to construct a lie that’s you hesitate or stammer when telling a lie. So hesitating says you might be giving information that is untrue or you are trying to hide something.

Sitting Back

Sitting back on your chair may feel relaxing but it’s a no no when having a serious conversation or negotiation. Leaning backwards says you are withdrawn and not keen on connecting with the other person. It won’t be long before the other party shows you their back.

Folding Hands

You’ve always thought that folding hands on your chest makes you look cool, right? Well only on TV commercials not in a face to face interaction. Folded hands says you are closed for business. It shows a protective attitude, a wall between you and the other person. Like “don’t come near me”.

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