How to start your own custom design furniture business

So, you want to start manufacturing custom design furniture. This is a nice thing.

First of all, let’s check what you need to start. You got to have a woodworking shop, with all the machines you need to be working from day one, and of course, you need to know how to manufacture furniture, or have someone in the business who knows the stuff.

Then you have everything. What you are missing is the most important thing: clients.

So, you need to start getting clients as soon as possible. And I have some good news for you. It is so easier today than it was once. All youu neeed to do is knowing a little bit how to use the web thingies to your advantage.

I would start from the easiest. Create a nice logo and brand image, setup a Facebook page describing your activity, and begin to show on that news and photos and videos who could be interesting to your audience.

In the meanwhile. ask to your Facebook friends to “like” your page, and to your closest friends to ask that to their friends too.

Then, begin targeting strangers. Try to find out the Facebook Groups you could be more interested in (like DIY, woodworking, home improvement, etc) and also, the LOCAL groups in your home area – and ask to the Moderators of those pages to post your activity there. Make your post compelling – like offering a discount to the members of the Group.

At this point, you could be in the business, and receive your first requests of offer. Try to be ready: that is, have a clear idea about how much to ask. Do not be afraid to begin by asking a low price – you are not the only one doing this business, so you should be somewhat aware of the prices of your local competitors (you have checked them already, right?), so begin by asking a somewhat lower price by 15/20%. For example – if they ask 40,000KES for one item, you should ask 35,000KES or so.

Remember – this phase is an investment, You have to create your customer base.

As you do this, engage your clients through Facebook. Show your creations around – even if it sounds cheesy, an image IS worth a thousand words.

Once you do this, you should think about expanding your communications reach. It is time to setup a website/blog, and publish content on it. The e-mails of your clients will be handy for e-mail campaigns. Facebook could be used to expand your business by publishing Facebook Ads. You could be interested in being found more, so it could be time to start doing some SEO to help people find you on Google. As you can see, the marketing and communications aspect begins to get more important as you continue to scale up your business.

But hey – now you HAVE a business to scale!

Now, it would be time to hire someone to do the most part of the manual work, while you spend your time managing the business. You do not know a thing about internet marketing? Study a little bitt. There is a great beginners’ course by Google, and it is absolutely free. Check it here: Learn Online Marketing – Free Training Course From Google

Do it, do it, do it.