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One key distinction of any business is service. There are many companies dealing in similar products or services. The only way a company can distinguish itself from its competition is to create a unique service culture that cannot be copied. That is the only way to survive in a market flooded with players doing the same business.


Providing excellent service is essential for the growth and success of any business, large or small. While small and medium size business may not compete in the big league, prioritizing customer satisfaction can boost their growth and success.

Here are a few things that have the power improve your customer service and manage your business efficiently. You can borrow these to earn your business a credible reputation, higher customer retention and increased word-of-mouth referrals for long-term success.

1.               Know your customers and their needs

Our customers need and desire improvement all the time. That is why we strive to quickly meet their needs and preferences in the best way possible. But they key is to first know them and what they need. There are many great sources of market intelligence that can help you define your customers and their needs. Talking to your customers directly, their friends, following media conversations- including social media, or observing

behavior are some of the ways you can find out who your customers are and their needs. This will equip you to deliver tailored products and services that work for them.

2.                  Respect Customers’ Time

We know that no one has enough time to do everything on their list in today’s chaotic world. To please your customers, don’t make them endlessly wait or look for you, or some information on your business. Make it easier for them to reach you. They deserve a quick response.

In this internet era, customer expectations regarding response time has shifted from days to instant. It is important to invest time and effort in keeping up with the ever-changing social media and new technology which have really changed customer behaviors.

3.                  Keep your word

Can your customers take your word to the bank? We understand it really matters to our customers that they can hold us to our word. Keeping your promise has the ability to turn one-time buyers into lifetime customers. If you have a website or a social media page where you have posted your products or services, make sure customers will get them when they visit your shop. If you promise a customer to stock an item in three days, save them the hassle and disappointment of not getting it.

4.                   Build a helpful problem-resolution process

Have the entrepreneurial humility to apologize for making a mistake and resolve the problem immediately. A sincere apology is worth a lot more than just a single sale. Restoring customer confidence and earning their satisfaction in such situations is crucial. When you successfully resolve a customer’s problem, it increases their level of trust in you. So any dissatisfaction is an opportunity to get closer to your customer, not to burn bridges. We do all we can to show how important they are to our business. We also strive to make our service even better. We have a follow-up system to prevent customer issues from happening again.

5.                     Ask for feedback

Customers have insightful ideas on how to improve your business. That is why we allow our customers to honestly share their opinion or criticism with us, even when it’s uncomfortable. We keep an open mind to any kind of suggestion or feedback they might have and acknowledge the importance of their opinion to build long-lasting successful relationships.

These are just a few of the ways you can make your business great and keep your customers happy. Service with a smile is an excellent way to ensure customer satisfaction. And a satisfied customer is worth a fortune to your business.

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