Football Hooliganism Borders Terrorism

Destruction of Property

The incidents in Machakos last weekend left a trail of destruction. It didn’t matter whether or not you were a fan, a passerby or a trader. Properties worth millions of shillings were destroyed. I need someone to explain to me how this is different from terrorism.

Grievous Injuries
Hooligans like terrorists have little regard for human life and dignity. In Machakos scores were injured when stones began flying right left and center. Other despicable forms of violence were also witnessed like the case of a fan being urinated on.

Loss of Revenue
Whenever hooliganism carries the day nonviolent fans will keep away from the stadiums. The result is shrinking attendance for tournaments just like shoppers keep off malls as a result of terrorist threats.

Security Burden
In response to hooliganism the state employs a heavier police presence in the stadium. This means the security machinery is stretched thin leaving other areas vulnerable.

Unnecessary Disruption
The tension caused in the otherwise calm Machakos township was totally uncalled for. The confusion that resulted gave way to other forms of lawlessness like looting, mugging and rape.

Divisive Effect

Just like the terrorism takes a religious and ethic angle so does football hooliganism. Derogatory remark directed at entire communities have been flooding our social media until when no one knows. #GorHooligans is right now trending on twitter, the tribal overtones under this hash tags outweighs any constructive condemnation.

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