Go Ahead! Become a Young CEO

Are you too young to do business?
I remember when I was a young adult, many of us would get business ideas and discuss them with the older generation in pursuit for advice. More times than not, they did not inspire us to implement those business ideas. They made statements such as, ‘you are too young to do business’. These were not words spoken to fifteen year old teenagers but twenty three year old young adults who were completing university education.
Today, I wouldn’t speak such words even to the teenager. I’d probably tell them that their idea is great and with just a little more time of developing it while acquiring vital knowledge in school, the same will culminate to the beginning of a great business. Entrepreneurship instills responsibility to the young people by encouraging them to make independent decisions. Young people are very energetic, flexible and have less commitments in life thus making it much easier for them to take risk and start business.

If what I see in my young adult daughters is anything to go by, I’m confidently telling the young people that your mind is a ‘hotbed of entrepreneurial prowess’, wake up and go for it, this is your time.
Sharpen the entrepreneur in you.


Photo courtesy of Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES)

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