How to sell your property within 20days

If you seriously need to get potential buyers running to view your property, the photos on the Advert must be top quality. Leave you phone camera for selfies and family reunion. Get a professional photographer to get the best caption during the best weather and on the best section that reveals the property’s full glory. 50% Of all visitors on go straight to the photos section of a property. Properties with quality photos sell in 26 days on average.

If it’s the lawns have them mowed and manicured. Let the gardens be tended to excellence. Don’t spare any effort to impress the would be buyers when they visit to view your property. Speak about the nearby schools, hospitals, police stations and other amenities. Let all the advantages that the new owner will get be enhanced.

If you overprice you property it will take ages before anyone takes real interest on it. If you price it too low you will be cheaply giving away your hard earned property below it’s real value. Get a valuer to get your property’s true worth, also seek to know the market value of similar properties in the neighborhood.

If you have a really short deadline within which you property must sell employ the services of a mover and a shaker. By this i mean a big timer who has a track record of selling 20-25 properties in a month. Don’t gamble with small fish and new entrants who hardly sell any property in months. Do your homework ask around and get your expert.

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  • Hi Eugine, Karibu. the group deals with real estate related discussions and Ads. you’re free to participate, ask for advice and to advertise. I trust it meets your expectations. Karibu kwa mara nyingine Bwana Wafula.