You didn’t know these benefits of a log house

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Energy Efficient

Logs houses have an unmatched natural attribute know as thermal mass. Wood has the ability to conserve energy from the environment and release it later keeping the house comfortable in all seasons. It’s a natural regulator bringing down your heating or cooling cost.


If you have come across a carefully done log house in design and construction you will concur that there aesthetics are superior. It would cost much more money to replicate the same on a brick and mortar house.


Contrary to popular believe log houses could last forever. There are some residential houses in London that are 800 years old and are still in use. In Russia there is a church building that is 1,700 years old.

Fast to Construct

Log houses unlike brick and mortar are fast to construct. You don’t have to wait for the mortar to dry before continuing construction. In addition due to their lighter natural they required a relatively light foundation.

Fits the environment & is renewable

Log houses blend so well with the natural vegetation. Timber is also renewable material which carefully planning can be made on how to harvest and replenish timber using man-made controlled forests.

Easy wall fittings

From wall photos to extra shelves in the kitchen. It’s no big deal making fixtures and transferring them from one wall to another because you don’t have to worry about chipping the plaster and gaping drill holes.

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